Peeled almonds. Nothing else.

Our toasted almond spread is a product of the highest quality with the largest percentage of almonds possible: 100% toasted almonds. It is made by pasteurizing and then toasting a selection of the best organically-grown blanched almonds. The production process is carried out under the strictest conditions for quality control and supervision (with the quality certificate ISO 9001). The almond spread’s creamy texture comes from the oil contained in the almonds.

The almond is a jewel of the Mediterranean diet, a fruit that gathers and transforms the sun’s energy. . Almonds primarily provide energy in the form of carbohydrates, but they also contain magnesium that keeps bones and teeth strong and healthy, and reduces stress and insomnia; potassium, which regulates blood pressure and protects the cardiovascular system; phosphorus, which provides mental and physical energy and improves memory; vitamin E, a natural antioxidant; vitamins A and B, calcium, iron, zinc, and more.

Our almond paste is 100% vegetable and appropriate for vegans, recommended for people who are intolerant to milk of animal origin and to improve digestion. And all these benefits come with an exquisitely delicious taste. Dissolve paste in water for a glass of almond milk

  • Make a sweet “almendrino” coffee
  • Spread it on toast.




nutricional analysis Per 100 grams
Energy value 626 kcal/2,794 Kj
of which, saturated:
56.00 g
5.90 g
of which, sugars:
50.70 g

38.70 g

Proteins 7.25 g
Salt 0.2425 g
(the salt content is the sodium naturally present in the ingredients)
Vitamin E 0.96 g