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health and Energy

ALMENDRINA is the ideal food for people who appreciate a natural, healthy diet – it also gives them an extra boost of energy to help them through a successful day, whether at work, at home or at school, and even extend it with some physical activity.

A range of products all based on almond cream, to meet different needs:

Natural (with sugar), supplied in 1 kg and 400g. glass jars, suitable for everybody.

Fructose, supplied in 900g. and 375g. glass jars, suitable for diabetics.

Ecological Natural (no added sugar), supplied in 400g. glass jars, suitable for everybody, with the added bonus of ecological production.

1-litre Brik (with sugar). Specially designed for people who are short of time.
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One of the many uses of our product, ALMENDRINA, is the possibility to create fantastic and varied desserts.  Therefore, we offer you the opportunity to try some of the following delicious recipes.

We’re sure that whoever tastes it won’t be disappointed.
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